Source Naturals Wellness Flu Guard

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Source Naturals Wellness Flu Guard

This comprehensive formula is designed to relieve common symptoms such as body aches, fever, headaches and sore throat.

The homeopathic mixture includes Anas Barbariae for muscle pain and headache; and Influenzinum for controlling flu outbreaks. Other potent ingredients are Aconitum Napellus for head and throat pain and sweats; and Eupatorium Perfoliatum for achy bones and eye pain. Wellness FluGuard also contains Veratrum Viride, which decreases phlegm, nausea and dizziness; Kreosotum for chills and chest cough; and Gelsemium for fever and to aid sleep.

These ingredients work together naturally to alleviate symptoms gently and thoroughly, according to homeopathic principles.



  • Model: SN2147
  • Manufactured by: Source Naturals

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