Professional Complementary Health Formulas Potassium Iodide – 120C

Professional Complementary Health Formulas Potassium Iodide – 120C


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Professional Complementary Health Formulas Potassium Iodide – 120C

Iodine is detected in every organ and tissue in the body. It is found in high levels in the thyroid gland, liver, lung, heart and adrenal glands. It is found in the highest concentrations in fat and muscle tissue. It is depleted out of the thyroid gland and other tissues when thyroid hormone medications are prescribed. Iodine has been considered so important that up until 20 years ago, it had been routinely added to bread as a supplement.


Now because of politics and fear of iodine, the thyroid-toxin bromine has taken its place as a bread supplement and in the past 20 years there has been an increased prevalence of obesity, diabetes and hypertension as well as more thyroid and breast cancers.


Iodine helps with brittle nails, cold hands & feet, cold intolerance, constipation, depression, difficulty swallowing, dry skin, elevated cholesterol, essential hypertension, eyelid swelling. Fatigue, hair loss, hoarseness, hypotension, inability to concentrate, infertility, irritability, menstrual irregularities, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, nervousness, poor memory, puffy eyes, slower heartbeat, throat pain & weight gain.


120 Capsules – Servings per container: 120

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